Our state-of-the-art leather backpack is a phenomenal design which has been made to stand the test of time. It has been handmade with the finest of Italian craftsmanship, using only the best natural grained bull leather to withstand whatever the day may throw at the modern gent. The backpack will carry all your necessities securely from the commuter train to the office, and back home via the gym or the bar.

Inside the bag, you will find a 13-inch compartment to store your laptop or other valuable devices safely. There is absolutely no need to worry about your device when securing them in a layer of some of the finest leather money can buy – as well as added protection to give you additional peace of mind!

The laptop-and-tablet sleeve is complemented by a range of other convenient internal features. You can also store those important business documents, your smartphone and it even has pen holders for when you get an urgent call and need a pen to take down important business details and messages.

We have added an elegant lining to the inside of the leather backpack. This gives it even more durability and makes it even more of a product you can rely on for years to come. This backpack really is an investment – and a fashion statement.

The outside of this leather backpack is as equally impressive as the inside. External features include a “docking” for a trolley, a metal zip that will not falter after a few months of use like less well-made and less-durable backpacks and a handle to give you additional methods of carrying it seamlessly.

It even has an external pocket where you can store all your daily necessities from your car keys to your transport pass or even your leather wallet. This pocket is easily accessible so you can grab your most frequent items at all times without much effort or having to search your whole bag’s contents.

The final feature of the backpack’s many impressive qualities involves the comfort that this product will bring. The back of the backpack, along with the straps, are made with a special material to keep your shoulder supported and to provide unrivalled comfort. These straps can even be adjusted for the ultimate of tailored fittings. The material used in this part of the design is transparent to add to its sleek aesthetics.

If you are a man who likes to combine envious convenience with exceptional style then our leather backpack could be the answer to your storage transportation needs. These backpacks are popular with young professionals and style-conscious men all over. Get yours today and enjoy the second glances and benefits of having such an awesome leather backpack.