It’s a rare businessperson who doesn’t carry a laptop everywhere with them in this digital age. There are many brands of laptop on the market but some swear by and stick to Apple products. Dedicated Mac users love their Mac laptops and won’t be persuaded a non-Apple product will suffice just as well. In recognizing the discernment of the Mac user, we have a special leather case specifically designed for the MacBook® Air/Pro.

Elegant and Stylish to Make a Flourish It’s nice to show off your excellent decision making by pulling out your Macbook in a meeting, but you can make a bigger statement by unzipping it from this stylish and elegant case. Why buy an off-the-shelf case that has spare room for your laptop to move about it when you can have one that’s made to measure? Handmade from the finest Italian calf leather, it holds a Macbook Pro or Air 13” snugly in a cocoon of protection to prevent damage and scratches. A heavy duty double zip provides security in fastening. The case measures 2.4 x 35 x 25.5 cm.

Protection for Laptops on the Move For the busy executive who carries their Macbook in lieu of a briefcase, there’s handy internal pockets ideal for storing USB drives and credit cards. For the businessperson who has to travel between locations and meetings, the leather case carries well and looks good. It can easily be slipped into a briefcase if required. The case protects the laptop while it sits on a car or taxi seat or when moving through crowds of people in the street, on escalators and in lifts. For the business traveller, pop your Macbook into this designer case and your laptop will be protected whether you carry it to the plane under your arm, put it in your hand luggage or prefer to secure it in your suitcase.

Why Choose Leather? We work with the finest quality Italian calf leather because we believe in its integrity. It is malleable and can be worked into all shapes, but it Is also sturdy. Craftsmen appreciate the softness and suppleness of calf leather over standard leathers because of its beautiful finish. Leather has a timeless quality, particularly classic plain leathers in neutral tones which is why it is the preferred material for accessories for both men and women. You really can’t go wrong with leather whether you’re buying it for yourself or to gift. As a natural material, leather needs care and attention to keep it in pristine condition. We recommend you buy a good proprietary leather conditioner and apply it as regularly as the manufacturer specifies. This advice applies to all our high-quality leather goods.

A Wise Choice If you have invested in a Macbook Pro or Air 13”, make a further investment in our quality leather case and help your laptop stay in pristine condition. Available in black, this item co-ordinates with our leather document holder and works well with any of our leather briefcases.