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  • The Beauty and Protection of a Leather Laptop Case

    Leather Laptop Case

    It’s a rare businessperson who doesn’t carry a laptop everywhere with them in this digital age. There are many brands of laptop on the market but some swear by and stick to Apple products. Dedicated Mac users love their Mac laptops and won’t be persuaded a non-Apple product will suffice just as well. In recognizing the discernment of the Mac user, we have a special leather case specifically designed for the MacBook® Air/Pro.

    Elegant and Stylish to Make a Flourish
    It’s nice to show off your excellent decision making by pulling out your Macbook in a meeting, but you can make a bigger statement by unzipping it from this stylish and elegant case. Why buy an off-the-shelf case that has spare room for your laptop to move about it when you can have one that’s made to measure?
    Handmade from the finest Italian calf leather, it holds a Macbook Pro or Air 13” snugly in a cocoon of protection to prevent damage and scratches. A heavy duty double zip provides security in fastening. The case measures 2.4 x 35 x 25.5 cm.

    Protection for Laptops on the Move
    For the busy executive who carries their Macbook in lieu of a briefcase, there’s handy internal pockets ideal for storing USB drives and credit cards.
    For the businessperson who has to travel between locations and meetings, the leather case carries well and looks good. It can easily be slipped into a briefcase if required. The case protects the laptop while it sits on a car or taxi seat or when moving through crowds of people in the street, on escalators and in lifts.
    For the business traveller, pop your Macbook into this designer case and your laptop will be protected whether you carry it to the plane under your arm, put it in your hand luggage or prefer to secure it in your suitcase.

    Why Choose Leather?
    We work with the finest quality Italian calf leather because we believe in its integrity. It is malleable and can be worked into all shapes, but it Is also sturdy. Craftsmen appreciate the softness and suppleness of calf leather over standard leathers because of its beautiful finish.
    Leather has a timeless quality, particularly classic plain leathers in neutral tones which is why it is the preferred material for accessories for both men and women. You really can’t go wrong with leather whether you’re buying it for yourself or to gift.
    As a natural material, leather needs care and attention to keep it in pristine condition. We recommend you buy a good proprietary leather conditioner and apply it as regularly as the manufacturer specifies. This advice applies to all our high-quality leather goods.

    A Wise Choice
    If you have invested in a Macbook Pro or Air 13”, make a further investment in our quality leather case and help your laptop stay in pristine condition.
    Available in black, this item co-ordinates with our leather document holder and works well with any of our leather briefcases.

    Leather Laptop Case Black

  • The Beauty of Leather

    Leather Desk Accessories

    When it comes to making decisions about certain aspects of interior decoration in your home, your office, your clothing, accessories and even your car, the topic of leather is always one that is at the forefront that is everything to do with elegance, luxury and longevity. Compared to other materials and fabrics, there is just something about leather that feels high class and satisfying when it comes to a purchase decision. Read on to discover exactly why Maruse choose leather, and Italian leather in particular, and why it should always be the first choice for items such as bags, belts, desk accessories and travel essentials and accessories.


    Leather Document HolderThe sheer degree of craftsmanship that goes in to producing Italian leather means that it carries the very highest in fabric and materials standards, and as a result is one of the most durable and long lasting materials that you would wish to purchase. The bonus with Italian leather is that although it is extremely durable, it always maintains its elegant and luxurious look, not diminishing in aesthetic as it is subjected to every day wear and activity.

    One of A Kind

    Italian document HolderWhen you purchase something made out of Italian leather, you can be sure that your new accessory is a one of a kind creation. The vegetable tanning process that the leather is made to go through results in no single piece coming out the same as the last. While they are all luxuriously beautiful, the distinctive marks on the hides are not imperfections, but more indicators of true original quality. No two Italian leather products that have been naturally tanned will look alike up close.


    Maruse Document HolderThroughout the history of interior design and fashion design, the one thing that has always remained constant is the popularity and widespread use of leather. Leather, especially the elegance of Italian leather, is something that is completely timeless, so when you invest in an item made from leather, you can be assured that your money will be well spent because it will never go out of style.

    Easy To Care For

    Nobody wants to spend lots of their free time constantly cleaning purses and handbags that are made from lesser materials, and one of the best benefits and advantages of Italian leather is that rather than getting irreversibly messy and unkempt, it is incredibly easy to clean with just a damp cloth from time to time. In truth, though it is super easy to clean, you will not need to do this often, as the manufacturing process makes leather very hard to mark, meaning you can go for long stretches of time without having to do any maintenance whatsoever.

    So, whether you are looking for a sturdy desk mat, a durable handbag, an elegant and fashionable belt or a distinctive passport holder or document keeper to take on your travels, there is no question that leather is absolutely the way to go for satisfaction and beauty.

  • The Advantages of a Leather Document Holder

    Leather Document Holder

    When you are a professional it is important that you are able to not only present yourself well but keep yourself as organised as possible. The impression that you make on clients, customers, executives in your office and other business professionals that you deal with can have a big impact on your job. You want to be able to look the part and know just where you can get your information whenever you need it. Being unorganised, whether it is at your desk, on the road or in a meeting is never acceptable, so you want to do everything you can to avoid it from happening. That is why you want to turn to using a leather document holder for your work. Having this type of document holder can have a number of advantages for you.

    Protection and Safety

    Leather Document HolderWhen it comes to the important documents and files that you need for that big meeting or presentation, keeping them safe and secure is one of your primary concerns. Just having your papers all in a pile and carrying them around from place to place is a recipe for disaster. You are more than likely to misplace or lose pages, have things fall and get out of place and have pages get dirty or damaged. With a holder, your documents are going to stay safely inside, away from wear and tear, coffee spills or fears of getting dropped on the floor and taken away.

    Stay Organised

    Italian document HolderWith the right document holder it will be much easier for you to keep everything organised. Before a particular meeting that you need to go to you can slide the documents for clients to sign or the presentation you need to make right into the folder and keep everything neatly together. You will not have to fumble with piles of paper or flimsy paper folders you were using to sort things; the document holder can neatly contain everything for you so you can go to your meeting and have everything ready to pull out.

    A Great Look

    Maruse Document HolderAs a working professional, looking smart should be very important to you. Clients and potential customers want to see that you look professional in every way, from the way you carry yourself, to the way you dress to the accessories you use. Walking into a meeting with papers shuffling everywhere gives the impression of being disorganised. When you walk in with a document holder made of fine leather, the holder itself looks so good that it lets others in the room know that you take pride in your role and your work.

    For that extra boost of confidence in the way you work and feel, having an Italian leather document holder can be just the right accessory. Functional and fashionable, it should be part of any professional’s office to use on site or on the road so that you can show that you take your work seriously and are successful at what you do.

  • Personalise your leather goods

    Personalized Leather Document Holder

    Buying leather items makes a personal statement about your identity, and is the best way to make sure that you stand out from the crowd when you go to work. If you are looking for a way to make your items unique, and really ensure that you impress people with the high quality of your items, then you may consider adding an extra layer of quality by personalising your items. Whether you are buying satchels, desk pads or a full leather desk set, you can add more with a few initials. In addition, you can choose to personalise gifts for other people, turning a good gift into something great in just a few steps.

    Personalising your own items
    You want to make sure that you can point to your leather goods, and know that everyone around you knows that they're yours. Initialising your items is a way of turning something which has been bought from a seller into something which is your very own. Once you have initials on an item, no one else is going to take them or think that they are theirs. Of course, once you are customising an item, you don't have to have your own initials on it, you could have letters that stand for something important in your life, or even something inspiring to encourage you while you work. Because you are buying that personalisation, you can have anything that you want, and this allows you to turn these items into something utterly unique. Next time you are buying leather items, consider having them personalised in order to ensure that they stand out.

    Personalising gifts
    Choosing gifts for someone else's always tough, and if you have the idea that they might like to have personalised leather items, such as a desk set or a satchel, then you need to think about customising them in order to make them unique. You can turn what would be a slightly above standard gift into something extraordinary with just a few lines of embossing. People love gifts that have been thought about, and having leather items personalised can be one way of showing that you have thought hard about the type of gift that they would want.

    Choosing the right embossing for you
    Whether you are having leather embossed for yourself, or for someone else, you need to decide what type of embossing you want. Silver and gold embossing will make the name stand out, and you can have up to 3 initials in this type of design. If you want something more subtle, then you might have three initials done by blind embossing. The latter is a type of decoration where there is no formal colouring, but there is a noticeable change in the surface of the item. When this is done on leather, it looks particularly good, and there is a long tradition of blind embossing leather in order to personalise it. You can consider this to be a great option when you want to decorate a leather item.


  • Make your office stand out with leather-crafted accessories

    If you want to transform your office, then adding unique and handcrafted leather accessories can be the way to ensure that you get the perfect look. Not only are these accessories stylish and elegant, but they can also be used practically around Leather Desk Setthe office. For the best in handmade leather items, Italian leather adds classic style and panache to these essential items. With a few well-placed accessories, you can transform your rather cluttered space into something organised, aesthetically pleasing and professional. If you're interested in finding the best office gear, then there are some items which can add quality to your workplace.

    Leather document holders

    Brown Leather Document Holder

    In your office, it is important to keep documents secure and flat. Document holders are the perfect way to ensure that all your precious papers are secure in one place. This can be the perfect way to impress a client when you are signing an important agreement, and it can also be a very useful tool around the office on a day-to-day basis. These document holders are also designed to hold your business cards and other small square cards in the internal slots, with a number of additional pockets for less important papers. Beneath the memo pad is an additional slip pocket designed to secure essential papers in a discrete place.

    Desk Pads

    Desk Pad

    If you already have a number of leather accessories in your office, then you can add the perfect complement with the leather bound desk pad. This pad is designed to ensure that you have a place to write your memos without scratching or damaging your desk. In the central part of the desk pad, there is a flap which allows you to write letters in comfort, and will also provide a slot securing important documents. In the modern age, when most offices use keyboards, the memo pad can also be an excellent surface protector, allowing you to rest your keyboard without causing wear and tear on the surface of the desk.

    Stylish leather briefcase

    Leather Briefcase

    Italian style is not just for the office, and you can take it out into the wide world with an elegant Italian leather briefcase. This is made from genuine calf leather, and offers you a practical and stylish way to transport documents to and from the office. Durable and practical, the leather briefcase is available in black and brown, with a soft carrying handle and detachable shoulder strap. It has a number of adjustable compartments inside, including space for pens and plenty of room for documents, and a front pocket which means that you can access essentials as quickly as possible. The leather case is a practical 40 cm x 30, with a 11 cm depth. This means that it is the perfect size to carry all of your important documents easily and comfortably. This is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to a morning commute, and to impress your clients with your style and sophistication.

  • Handcrafted Office Accessories Range

    Maruse Made in Italy

    The artisan leather specialist, Maruse has unveiled two stylish new additions to its elite range of office accessories. Functional, elegant and replete with signature Italian panache, the leather desk set and desk pad are practical additions for workplaces where dog-earned notebooks and haphazard piles of post-it notes just won’t do.

    Since 1980, the company has offered handmade exclusive Italian Leather goods to customers across the globe. The two latest products in the collection boast classic aesthetics and timeless quality, to make any workplace look professional and chic. The Leather Desk Set is a sophisticated addition to the range and includes a desk pad, phone book, paper knife, business card holder and letter holder. Available in a variety of colours, the six piece set is a practical essential, promising a touch of luxury with its luxe aesthetic.

    A Leather Desk Pad is also new to the range. At 65 x 40cm, the pad protects desks from general wear and tear and the scratches caused by daily use of pens and keyboards. Available in a selection of colours, the Desk Pad can be used as a stand-alone piece or mixed and matched with other items in the Maruse range.

    What makes Maruse completely unique is its dedication to its customers. Each product is created by a highly skilled Italian craftsman with at least ten years under their belt. The production is finished off with authentic Italian artisan methods, offering an original product with plenty of character.

    In the modern world, the leather manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly machine based. This means companies can create masses of the same product quickly and efficiently. However, Maruse guarantees a one of a kind solution for discerning customers. Vincenzo Manzo, Maruse’s founder said “With our products we ensure we consistently deliver high quality. We wanted to create a fully functional yet chic product for offices that could withstand daily use.”

    Vincenzo added, “Our company strives to continue working with Italian traditions. Each product benefits from genuine Italian heritage. We chose to make our affordable range available online to make services accessible to all.” The collection is finalised by the company’s rigorous quality control, ensuring that each product is of the finest value, design and style with a flawless finish every time.

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